The role of 3D body shape in assessing health risk

Director of Studies: Simon Choppin (


We have developed a method of using 3D scanning technology to assess the shape of the human body. We want to develop our concept of shape measurement into a method of assessing health risk. Current tools such as the body mass index (BMI) and the waist:hip ratio have problems identifying health risk in a relatively high proportion of the population. This PhD will continue our work in trying to establish alternative, more representative body measures.

In this PhD you will use our scanning systems in combination with medical screening techniques (oral glucose testing, DEXA scanning etc.) and statistical methods to search for correlations between human shape and markers of health (pancreatic function, visceral fat etc.) A successful candidate will have experience of participant recruitment, systematic data collections and statistical analysis.



3D imaging; shape; obesity; health assessment; DEXA


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