What is Sport?

The very first question I thought I’d tackle in our ‘Ask a Sports Engineer’ project is quite a fundamental one and also quite different from the subjects we usually tackle on engineeringsport: What is Sport? A lot of the questions we’ve received from the question box asked questions very similar to this. Some people were […]

How Far Could Usain Bolt Jump?

Introduction Usain Bolt is currently the fastest sprinter in the world. His two world records in last year’s athletics world championships were astonishing even for his standards, but what next? Bolt has often talked about reverting to competing in his original event of the 400 metres, and has already competed in a 400 metre race […]

The rise and rise of disability sport

Sports engineers never seem to be that far away from a controversy. Just as one ‘issue’ is put to rest, you can be sure that a new hot potato is on the horizon. I’d argue that this is no bad thing; it is just a symptom of people’s natural resistance to change, and as long […]