VC Scholarships – PhD at Sheffield Hallam University

The VC scholarship in Sport and Physical activity is an opportunity for you to receive a full-time PhD scholarship at Sheffield Hallam University. This is a fully funded PhD including tuition fees and a bursary. You should work with a member of academic staff to develop your application. The research staff in the Centre for […]

The role of 3D body shape in assessing health risk

Director of Studies: Simon Choppin ( Summary: We have developed a method of using 3D scanning technology to assess the shape of the human body. We want to develop our concept of shape measurement into a method of assessing health risk. Current tools such as the body mass index (BMI) and the waist:hip ratio have […]

The efficacy of Snowboarding Wrist Guards

Director of Studies: Nick Hamilton ( Summary: CSER has led the way in understanding the efficacy of snowboard wrist guards developing a unique dynamic test and contributing to an international standard which will ensure user safety. The test protocol has been shown to differentiate product performance and the ability to mitigate fracture loadings. CSER are […]

Smart materials for helmets

Director of Studies: Dr Leon Foster ( Summary: Head impacts and the subsequent injuries sustained are an inevitable part of some sports and recreational activities. Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI), also known as concussion, is the mildest and most common form of brain injury. At present there is some contention whether linear or rotational acceleration […]

Objective movement analysis to inform safe return-to-play

Director of Studies: Dr Marcus Dunn ( Summary: Following anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstructive surgery, only 55% of patients return to sport. In adolescents, ≤23% suffer re-injury (i.e. ACL re-rupture), requiring further surgery and rehabilitation. Aside from surgical and rehabilitation costs, re-injury increases risks of juvenile arthritis, negatively impacting quality-of-life via reduced physical activity. Adolescent […]

Auxetic materials in sports applications

Many sports participants, particularly engineers, are already well aware of the limitations of their protective equipment. Un-representative certifications and standards can lead to a dangerous mismatch between user expectations and equipment function. Deficiencies in protective equipment can contribute to life changing injuries of professional, celebrity and recreational sports people. The challenge is huge; protect users […]

Sports engineering 20 years old! What’s next?

I just received an email from the publisher of the journal Sports Engineering (Springer) telling me that it’s 20 years old.  As the founding editor of the journal, this might explain why I feel so creaky and why I’ve suddenly felt the need to publish a book on the history, science and technology of sports […]