Prof. Steve Haake @ World Service’s 80th Birthday

Alan Ruddock and Prof. Steve Haake are down at the BBC today at the World’s Services 80th Birthday where there is a special day of programmes coming from a marquee in their courtyard called “Inside Out Bush House”.  They will be on live at 7-8 pm, 29th of February 2012 with Alan doing a live VO2max test […]

Materials World Magazine Article: Finite Element Testing in Sport

Materials World Magazine recently invited me to write a feature article for a special edition on sports engineering. I was asked to showcase our work (in collaboration with Prince Sports) on a finite element model of a tennis racket.The project aims to develop a model for use in the design of the next generation of tennis rackets, giving ultimate control over […]

Physics of the groundstroke in tennis

Understanding the physics of the groundstroke in tennis is important for the International Tennis Federation, tennis brands and players. As a research centre we recently published a paper in the journal of Sports Sciences on this subject. Following publication the paper was featured in a short article in Men’s Health magazine. Cover of Men’s Health […]

The heat is on for cyclists in the London velodrome

The velodrome which will host the track cycling events at the 2012 Olympics in London is now open. The facility is the first to open in the Olympic village and has been given the title of the ‘best in the World’. When a country hosts a major sports event, such as the Olympics, they want to […]

No mountains, turn to freestyle!

Introduction Alpine skiing events are dominated by countries who have the luxury of snow capped mountains, for obvious reasons. Figure 1 shows that 85% of Alpine skiing medals at the Olympics have been won by only 7 countries. The mountainous countries appear to have a monopoly on the medals and the obvious question is; can countries without established ski […]