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We’re lucky to have a few members of the research centre that tirelessly travel the country, showcasing the work we do to hundreds of people. We’re also lucky that there’s often someone with a camera to record these events. For this reason we’ve decided to dedicate a corner of the blog to the videos and media which result from our public engagement work. I’ll be going back through our old posts to find video content and putting up some exciting new stuff from this Summer. If you’d like to browse the videos we have on offer click on the Videos tab at the top of the home page and browse the relevant posts. We hope that there’ll be something of interest! I’ll be putting up new content every few days over the next couple of weeks so keep your eye out for new stuff.

Simon Choppin

About wiredchop

Simon Choppin Simon’s sports engineering career began at the age of six when he loosened the wheels of his skateboard in order to make it go faster. While the experiment was chalked up as his first failure, his resulting dimpled skull has provided an aerodynamic advantage in more recent sporting pursuits. Academically, Simon completed a degree in Mechanical Engineering with Mathematics at Nottingham University before joining the Sports Engineering Research Group at Sheffield to start his PhD. His main interests include work with high speed video, mathematical modelling of various sorts and experimental work involving machines with big buttons. As a sportsman, Simon has an unfortunate lack of talent for anything requiring skill, tactical awareness or the ability to learn from mistakes. He does however seem to posess the ability to move his legs around for a long time until other people get tired, for this reason you’re most likely to see him on a bike of some sort or running up a hill in offensively small shorts. Simon was fortunate enough to have a stint at the Guardian newspaper as part of the BSA’s media fellowship, which gave him the idea for this blog. Other than this, his writing experience includes his PhD thesis and various postcards to his Mum.