The efficacy of Snowboarding Wrist Guards

Director of Studies: Nick Hamilton (


CSER has led the way in understanding the efficacy of snowboard wrist guards developing a unique dynamic test and contributing to an international standard which will ensure user safety. The test protocol has been shown to differentiate product performance and the ability to mitigate fracture loadings. CSER are collaborating with other institutions in developing and validating FEA models of wrist guards and developing improved surrogates for the dynamic test. This is augmented by the development of an infield (on Slope) data capture system to collect crucial impact acceleration and hyper extension data alongside lab testing with the crash test dummy (Dave).

The objectives of the Phd are:

  • Development of enhanced definition of fracture loading conditions from infield and lab data
  • Integration of improved surrogate and impact conditions in to dynamic test
  • Testing of product against improved testing regime and dissemination of results to academic and commercial audiences.



Injury Prevention, snowboard, wrist guard, impact, efficacy


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