Becoming a Sport and Exercise Technologist


What is sport and exercise technology?

Sport and exercise technology is any technology used in conjunction with sport or exercise, be it a wooden bat designed to stop a ball hitting some wooden sticks, clothing worn by a swimmer or runner with the aim of improving their performance, or a state of the art computer and camera system used to establish whether a football has crossed the goal line.

Given the rapid pace and extent of innovation currently seen with modern sports and exercise technologies, there has never been a more exciting time to work with athletes and the general public to improve sporting performances. A sports and exercise technologist is someone dedicated to the understanding and application of technology in a particular field. Examples include a goal line technology operator, who sets up or tests the accuracy of the systems in football stadiums throughout the world; a performance analyst within a professional club who looks at how far players have run within a game; or a physiotherapist exploring the progress of rehabilitation patients.

The field of sport and exercise technology is always evolving; there is an increasing need for sport and exercise technologists to work at the forefront of sporting performance, as well as within healthcare innovations.

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How to become a sport and exercise technologist?

For many, combining an interest in sport along with a passion in science and engineering is an appealing prospect; if that’s the case then becoming a sports and exercise technologist could be a great opportunity to turn this interest into a rewarding career. To get into the field of sport and exercise technology, students usually require a background in maths and science subjects at school, but this is not necessarily essential. See the information below on how to apply to study sports technology at Sheffield Hallam University, with a BSc in Sports and Exercise Technology.


Sheffield Hallam University and sports technology courses:

The world leading Sports Engineering Research Group (SERG) within the Academy of Sport and Physical Activity at Sheffield Hallam University runs a BSc course in Sports and Exercise Technology. SERG works closely with the sports industry, British Olympic and Paralympics teams and many national governing bodies. SERG’s unique position has helped shape a course that enables students to gain the most relevant and cutting-edge skills in this competitive industry.

The BSc in Sport and Exercise Technology is suitable for any student who wishes to pursue a career in sports technology, work with athletes across all areas and gain experience with established and emerging health and wellbeing technologies. For further details on the course see the link below.

Sport and Exercise Technology BSc – Sheffield Hallam University