ISEA 2010 – Points of Interest day 3

Unfortunately as I spent so much time preparing for my presentation yesterday (time mostly spent pacing around with nervous tension) I’ve decided to cheat a little and combine the last two days of the conference. I’m going to focus on the great work being done by some big sports companies who have presented at the […]

ISEA Conference – Points of interest Day 2

Day two in Vienna and all’s going well, the conference started off with a fantastic keynote lecture by Benno Nigg discussing impact forces and muscle activation in running. It was interesting to note he stressed the importance of muscle activation in the running strike and not just peak force, which has been used recently to […]

ISEA Conference, Day 1 – Points of Interest

It’s a balmy 35 degrees here in Vienna, and as the sun shines mercilessly our elite group of Sports Engineers are currently ingesting the latest research at the 8th ISEA Sports Engineering conference. Thankfully the International centre hosting the conference has characteristically efficient air conditioning, so for now at least the only things overheating are […]