Top technologies in sport: number 3

The ingredients for the sports revolution During Queen Victoria’s reign between 1837 and 1901, the population of Britain more than doubled while the economy grew by over 360% (equivalent to an increase in GDP of 2% per year for over 60 years).  In 1850 and 1878, two acts of Parliament gave factory workers half a […]

Top technologies in sport: number 2

The invention of the lawnmower allowed the middle classes of 1860s Victorian Britain to create lawns for the exciting new game of croquet. Croquet was about to be eclipsed, however, by the new game of Lawn Tennis, patented by Major Walter Clopton Wingfield in 1873 as a game that came in a box.  Wingfield initially called […]

Top technologies in sport: Number 1

As a starting point for the beginning of modern sport, Victorian Britain is a pretty safe bet.  Which technologies helped create modern sport as we know it?  My next few articles will take you through the top technologies I think were crucial for the development of sport — and they’re not necessarily the ones you might […]

When did sports technology begin?

I’ve often wondered, if I were to write a history of sports technology, when I should start?  In 774 BC at the inception of the Ancient Olympic Games? Or in 300 AD at the height of the Roman Empire? By this time the Games had expanded to include the pentathlon, racing in armour and even […]