Who has the fastest balls in the land? Part 2:

Part one of this article looked at a video featuring a golfing long-drive champion, Jason Zuback and the attempt to usurp Jai-Alai as the fastest ball sport in the world. Despite the less than scientific methods, Zuback managed to generate a golf ball velocity in excess of 200 mph, smashing two panes of tempered glass in the […]

Who has the fastest balls in the land? Part 1:

When researching topics for lectures and public talks I often find myself on youtube, clicking through an endless parade of videos in search of interesting stories and useful information. It was while looking into the history of the golf ball (a fascinating topic in itself!) that I stumbled across the following clip.

What has golf got to do with the Dambusters?

When I started a PhD on golf-green ball impacts back in 1985, my supervisor Dr Alastair Cochran suggested that I look for information on the Dambusters. For those of you not old enough to have seen the 1955 film starring Michael Redgrave, the Dambusters were the RAF’s 617 Squadron who flew Lancaster bombers during the […]