The heat is on for cyclists in the London velodrome

The velodrome which will host the track cycling events at the 2012 Olympics in London is now open. The facility is the first to open in the Olympic village and has been given the title of the ‘best in the World’. When a country hosts a major sports event, such as the Olympics, they want to […]

Ski Jump world record falls

Although not an avid follower of winter sports, I noticed that the world record for the ski-jump was broken on the 11th of February. Johan Remen Evensen of Norway jumped 246.5 m at the Nordic Vikersundbakken ski jumping hill.  The video below shows the jump itself.

Smart Balls, tracking technology in sports coaching

The American science magazine; Popular Science recently posted an article regarding a new basketball sensor system. The system is able to track a player’s performance as they dribble, pass or make a shot, although from the article it is unclear whether this system is legal for use during competition or strictly training only. Sensor systems in […]

Powerbalance, the power of holograms -Update!

My curiosity was piqued recently on a last-minute Christmas shopping trip. As I wandered round the sports section of a local branch of a department store, my mind was struggling to contend with the mental challenges of garish festive displays, oppressive crowding and music so good it’s only played for a few weeks every year. […]

ISEA Conference – Points of interest Day 2

Day two in Vienna and all’s going well, the conference started off with a fantastic keynote lecture by Benno Nigg discussing impact forces and muscle activation in running. It was interesting to note he stressed the importance of muscle activation in the running strike and not just peak force, which has been used recently to […]

Leipzig: meat, no vegetables and Sports Engineering

On the 18-20th November, Leipzig (Figure 1) in East Germany played host to the ANSYS Conference & 27th CADFEM Users´ Meeting. John Hart and Tom Allen from the Sports Engineering Research Group were in attendance, leaving behind cold wet Sheffield in exchange for cold wet Leipzig. ANSYS produce Finite Element (FE) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software. FE […]