The UCI hour rule change, a record resurgent?

After a quiet period of nearly a decade, the UCI’s ‘cycling hour record’ has been making news again over the past year. In February, the time trial powerhouse Fabian Cancellara announced that he would attempt the record in August — an amazing opportunity to see how a cyclist of the modern era stacks up against legends such […]

Journal Special issue: Association Football

Every time the FIFA world cup comes around, there is a flurry of research into football. This may be aerodynamics, shoe traction or impact mechanics. To capture the research conducted surrounding the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, journal Sports Engineering is planning a special issue on association football. If you have some research which you […]

Image competition!

Share your images showcasing the best in sports science, engineering, and technology in the ISEA 2013/14 Image Competition. Do you have an image that showcases the outstanding research and consultancy being conducted within sports engineering? If so the International Sports Engineering Association want to hear from you! The ISEA is running a competition to uncover […]

Cycling’s a drag, but it doesn’t have to be

After a regrettably lengthy hiatus from the blog, this article was inspired by the excellent aerodynamics segments of the ITV’s tour de France coverage (in collaboration with Southampton University). Cycling aerodynamics in the 1980’s A few years ago my colleague Dr Richard Lukes wrote a review paper titled “The understanding and development of cycling aerodynamics” […]

Physics and the Games: a winning formula – Video

The Institute of Physics (IOP) runs an annual lecture tour which visits many schools in Great Britain. These tours aim to enthuse and engage, showing how physics is a relevant and interesting topic. The Centre for Sports Engineering Research is very lucky to have been involved with the tour on two separate occasions. In 2012 Leon Foster […]

Cutting Edge 2012 – Videos

During the run up to the Olympics six events (hosted by Research Councils UK and the Royal Institution) were held across the country, each one explored the role of technological research in sport. The evenings had a number of different guest speakers which discussed and explored six different areas: Technological ‘doping’ Cycling Diving Sailing Athletics […]

New Videos Category

We’re lucky to have a few members of the research centre that tirelessly travel the country, showcasing the work we do to hundreds of people. We’re also lucky that there’s often someone with a camera to record these events. For this reason we’ve decided to dedicate a corner of the blog to the videos and […]

How do you become a Sports Engineer?

Judging by the number of questions we’ve received lately from London, our exhibition is being well received. A lot of people are asking how to become a sports engineer, specifically which degree they should take to help them on this chosen career path. Firstly, we’re very pleased to hear so many people interesting in studying […]

Professor Haake and the Royal Institution

Professor Haake has been working with the Royal Institution over the past few months to create a series of impressive videos exploring the world of technology in sport. They are available to view on the website but I’ve also embedded the videos below so you can view them on our blog too. Take a look […]

Is tennis spinning out of control?

Yesterday, the Sunday Times reported that some professional tennis players (allegedly) spray their strings with silicon to help them generate spin (Link to report in The Australian due to Times’ paywall). Spin plays an important role in Tennis, top-spin generates a vertical force which cause the ball to dip, this allows a player to keep […]